The story so far…

Every month millions of kids do yoga with Cosmic Kids. We’re a small team trying to change the world. Here’s our story so far…

In 2009, Jaime started teaching kids yoga classes in our local area – Henley and Marlow in England. By 2012 she was getting really good, and writing her own stories. The kids loved her classes. She also did a course to become an RYT-200 qualified adult yoga teacher.

In February 2012, we had the idea to film some of Jaime’s stories. We rented our local Sports and Social Club for the day. Jaime wore a pink onesie and did three stories in one take, in front of a green screen. In the original footage you can see the quiz machine in the corner. Our friend Jake helped us with the camerawork and lighting. Dylan designed some cool backgrounds – and we superimposed Jaime onto them.

It took us a couple of months to pluck up the courage to post the first story to YouTube, but finally in May 2012 we posted Squish the Fish – and Cosmic Kids Yoga was born!

Three years on and Squish the Fish has been viewed more than a million times and we have now made many more stories available on YouTube. We’re getting a little better every time we make one – and kids all over the world are loving having yoga as part of their day. 

Have a look at how wonderful that is:

Now we work together every day to build Cosmic Kids, helping kids grow up happy. We are making as much as possible free on YouTube so anyone can do it. Konrad has joined the team, leading the filming and post-production. He’s a wizard at making things look and sound amazing. We upload a brand new adventure to YouTube every month now. We have also made a series called Zen Den to encourage mindfulness in kids aged 5+. Now we are making a series of guided relaxations and have plans for a Storytime series.

We fund the costs of production by teaching other people how to teach kids yoga, and offering resources for teaching brilliant classes. We also earn some money from YouTube and sell DVDs and music.

If you love Cosmic Kids, you can help us: 

Tell your friends about it! Share it on Facebook and Twitter!
 Donate if you have spare money. We  spend every penny of donations keeping what we do free.
Take a photo or video of your kids or your class doing Cosmic Kids and post it on Instagram with the hashtag #cosmickidsyoga – you might even see it on Yoga Heroes!

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Find out more about the team, and how we make a yoga adventure here.

With love, Jaime and Martin Amor x