Mike the cosmic space monkey
27th April 2018

The day I went to Parliament!

This week Martin and I went to our first meeting at the Houses of Parliament to talk about kids and mental health. We’re now officially part of an All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) which comes up with ideas and strategies to help kids have a fit and healthy childhood, and aims to influence legislation. We’re […]

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16th April 2018

Every Cosmic Kids yoga adventure is a lesson for a happy life

Our first ever yoga adventure (Squish the Fish) was inspired by teachers at a school local to us. They were trying to help the kids in their reception class deal with being dropped off for school by their parents. They were young and weren’t used to being without their parents – and they were feeling […]

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11th April 2018

Top Tips for getting your kids into Cosmic Kids videos

There are now lots of kids who do Cosmic Kids yoga regularly and there’s lots of ways to get started. If you’re a parent who wants to encourage some Cosmic Kids in your house, you might be able to glean some tips on making it happen here: Provide a yoga mat! If you can, provide a […]

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11th April 2018

Jaime talks kids yoga on Parent Savers podcast

Parent savers is an amazing podcast designed for new parents. They find a really positive and fun angle on parenting – and it was an honour to be asked to talk about what we do. Take a listen!

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30th August 2017

Back to school with Cosmic Kids

Going back to school – and especially going to a new school for the very first time – is a special challenge! New faces, routines and tasks ask for new confidence and resilience. At Cosmic Kids we’ve got a wide variety of videos – all free on YouTube – to help yours go through this […]

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24th May 2017

Teaching Kids Yoga to Children with Hearing Loss

I’m delighted to bring you this guest post by Megan Johnson. Megan is an expert in working with children who have hearing loss. She is also certified by Cosmic Kids as a kids yoga teacher. This post is taken from her forthcoming book – Teaching Yoga and Mindfulness to Children with Hearing Loss. More information and […]

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1st May 2017

How We Make Cosmic Kids and Who We Are

Our yoga adventures are all home-made by a small team. Here’s how we do it… First, Jaime writes a kids yoga adventure – a story with yoga postures in it. Once she’s got it working really well, we film her performing it in front of a green screen (often in one take!) Our genius friend Konrad does the filming, sound and post-production. We used to film […]

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9th March 2017

6 Reasons to Try Kids Yoga

Have you heard about kids yoga, but feel unsure exactly what it’s all about? With the good stuff ranging from improved health, growing confidence and even a better night’s sleep, you’d be surprised just how much your child could benefit from kids yoga. Here’s a little introduction, with six reasons to give kids yoga a try!

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25th January 2017

Win Books for Your School!

To celebrate the launch of our second two Cosmic Kids books, we giving you the change to win all four Cosmic Kids Yoga books for your school library!

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23rd January 2017

8 Ways Kids Can Benefit From Yoga

Are you thinking about introducing your child to kids’ yoga, but unsure if it’s right for you? We’ve got together 8 of the brilliant benefits of kids’ yoga…

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30th December 2016

4 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Kids

The new year is a time when we all start to think about new starts and positive beginnings. Here we have four ideas for making these resolutions with children…

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30th December 2016

Cosmic Kids Says Namaste 2016!

We’ve had such an amazing year filled with fun, yoga and lots of exciting new Cosmic Kids adventures! We started sharing Yoga Adventures every week and introduced our brand new Peace Out relaxation video series, bringing the world of meditation to kids. We created another ten new Zen Den adventures and made four new Namastories playing with rhyme and words! […]

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2nd December 2016

Kids Yoga for Calming Anxiety

Find out how yoga can help your kids with anxiety and stress, with some simple yoga videos to try at home or school.

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22nd November 2016

5 Simple Ways to Teach Your Kids Gratitude

Teaching children true gratitude can be done through small changes, but it has a list of big benefits for our children’s wellbeing.

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10th November 2016

5 Ways to Raise a Compassionate Child

We are all born with a natural aptitude towards empathy, but how do we nurture compassion and teach our children how to use it in the wider world?

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