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29th July 2014

Yoga Games for Kids

Got some kids to entertain? We’ve got good news! We have made a Yoga Games Compendium – including 24 fun yoga games for kids. To give you an idea of the games, below are three examples from the compendium to get you started. If you want to grab all 24 games, hit the button! Grab the […]

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10th May 2014

Mindfulness and meditation videos for kids

We have started a new series of mindfulness meditations for kids on our channel. Introducing Cosmic Kids Zen Den! Jaime has been trying out some brilliant mindfulness games in her kids yoga classes and we’ve now made many of them into videos. We’ve made 15 episodes so far. We think they are probably best for kids aged 5+ but […]

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1st May 2014

More About Jaime

Hello! I’m Jaime. That’s me in the onesie talking about Squish the Fish and crabs playing football in the videos. I trained as an actress at Bristol Old Vic, and these days I run kids’ yoga classes in schools, nurseries and village halls in the Henley and Marlow area of England. In March 2012, we decided to film some of the yoga […]

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1st May 2014

How We Make Cosmic Kids and Who We Are

All Cosmic Kids yoga adventures are home-made by a small team of us. Here’s how we do it… First, Jaime writes a kids yoga adventure – a story with yoga postures in it. Then she tries it out on the kids who come to her yoga classes in Henley and Marlow in England. Once she’s got it working really well, we film Jaime performing the story […]

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30th April 2014

Kids Yoga ‘Posture of the Week’

Posture of the Week is brilliant. It’s basically a video of Jaime showing how she instructs each kids yoga pose – every single week. This means you can learn how to teach that posture well – or your kids can learn more about how each posture works, or just do them one after the other […]

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30th April 2014

Cosmic Kids Yoga Heroes

We’ve started a new video series called Yoga Heroes. It celebrates the kids in schools and homes around the world who do Cosmic Kids. It all started when people kept sending us pictures of their kids going on Cosmic Kids yoga adventures. They look amazing doing it and it kind of blew our minds that […]

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30th April 2014

Our 4-day Kids Yoga Teacher Training Workshop

UPDATE: We are focusing on our online content in 2015, developing a second course (about running a Kids Yoga business) but we plan to be back doing face-to-face workshops in 2016. For info on our online course have a look here. Here are some recent graduates talking about their experiences of kids yoga teacher training workshops: If […]

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30th April 2014

We Sell Our Kids Yoga DVDs Wholesale!

We sell our Cosmic Kids yoga DVD in bulk at wholesale prices – in boxes of 25 DVDs (NTSC or PAL), mailed recorded delivery from the UK We also offer a package of 10 DVDs as a minimum order. Please send an email to Martin for our one-pager on prices and postage, and for orders.  

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28th April 2014

How Kids Yoga Can Help Cerebral Palsy

I have recently had a 6 year old boy in my kids yoga classes with Cerebral Palsy. I had to learn a bit more about CP to make sure I would be helping him, so wanted to share some of my discoveries and experiences here. Hope you find it interesting! David has a mild form of […]

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24th April 2014

The Big Picture on Participation

Often when parents talk about participation, they are really talking about getting their kids to do something they want them to do. It can become a question of will, and of the child meeting (or not) the parents wishes about how they will be and what they will do. When we get into whether or […]

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24th April 2014

Inversions in Yoga – Kids Yoga Goes Upside Down Too!

An adult yoga class is full of inversions – Downward dog, wheel and standing forward bend crop up all the time. But when it comes to standing on our heads or trying out a handstand we adults can get a little worried. Fear seems to take over. A good teacher will guide us through the steps […]

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24th April 2014

How to Sequence Kids Yoga

When you practice yoga you are generally following a sequence – but what does this mean for kids yoga? In an adult yoga class, whether you’re doing a set sequence like the Primary Series in Ashtanga or a teacher-choreographed one in vinyasa flow or power yoga, you are guided by your teacher through a range […]

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7th April 2013

The Benefits of Kids’ Yoga

We’ve been doing some research on the physical and mental benefits of yoga for kids. There seems to be pretty universal agreement across a wide range of disciplines that it is officially good for you! This is no surprise to those of us who do yoga, or see kids doing yoga, but it’s great news nonetheless! […]

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6th April 2013

How to do Savasana in Kids Yoga

I thought it might be helpful to share how I tend to do Savasana for the kids at the end of a yoga session. If anyone else has any ideas, please share! It’s great to use the story you are telling to wind young yogis down into their relaxation, so that they are in a […]

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6th March 2013

Five Fun Breathing Exercises For Kids

When you learn that your breath is linked to your state, you have it in your power to keep a steady head whenever you need. ‘Take a deep breath’ is wonderful and simple wisdom, but it can be harder than you think when you are feeling a little challenged – one of the reasons why […]

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