Mike the cosmic space monkey
5th March 2013

Try These 4 Fantastic Yoga Nursery Rhymes

For pre-school kids, it’s great to mix singing and simple yoga moves. The routine of song helps them concentrate and means they remember the yoga postures. Also, a good sing-song provides a fun interlude in a class or yoga session. Here are 4 songs with yoga moves that I find are particularly brilliant: 1. Bicycles […]

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3rd March 2013

5 Yoga Postures Kids LOVE

Hello everyone! With kids yoga, I often think it’s all about keeping the kids’ attention. One great way to keep focus is to select poses which the kids love. Keep the kids focused with poses they love to do. Try these 5 poses to create laser-beam-like focus in class!: 1.Bunny Hops Come to all fours, […]

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