3 Guided Relaxations For Kids

By helping kids learn how to relax we are giving them a tool to cope with everyday stress and anxiety. Relaxation for kids is vital where busy schedules, over-stimulation and standardised testing is adding more and more pressure. These are 3 wonderful and simple guided relaxations that I find very effective and often use at the end of a kids yoga class. Grab a download here. Please pass them on, and if you have any others, please share!

Letting go

Starting from the toes you draw the attention to each part of the body, inviting them to relax each part as they focus on it. Toes, feet, lower legs and upper legs, hips, back, arms, hands, shoulders, chest, jaw, cheeks, eyes and the whole body, letting go and melting into the earth. Then in that place of ease and stillness gently smile to yourself and notice the good feeling inside that comes from this smile, keep it with you for the rest of your day and know that you can return to this place whenever you need.

Out for the count

Tell the children you are going to give them ten peaceful, magic counts to let them melt and relax. Then, if they are all still with their eyes closed by the end you’ll bring a special friend (a cuddly hand puppet works – mine’s a lion called Lenny) to come and wake them up… but he can only wake them up if they definitely look like they’re asleep. Count slowly from one to ten, suggesting in between counts that they breath slowly, relax their body, be as still as they can, melt into the earth etc. Then tiptoe quietly round with your puppet whispering to each one of them that it’s time to wake up (which they must do slowly and calmly, so they don’t scare the puppet!)

Scrunchy/ Floppy

With the children settled ideally on their backs, have them place a hand on their chest and a hand on their tummy. As they breathe in ask them to notice how it’s like they are filling a big balloon in their tummies and as they breathe out how the balloon gets smaller and smaller until there’s no air left. Repeat a few of these breaths. Next, ask them to squeeze and scrunch their hands into tiny balls, then open them slowly, stretching them out like big wide sunshines and finally let them go floppy and relaxed on the floor. Now do the same with scrunching and releasing the toes, then the feet and legs before letting them go floppy, followed by the face scrunching up the eyes, nose, mouth, forehead and eyebrows like a little pointy pixie face then releasing and finally let the whole body release and go floppy. Ask the children to imagine feeling warm and toasty and the warmth spreads up through their body from their toes to the top of their head.