The Bye Bye Boat – Guided Meditation Script

I’m often surprised by how much kids can worry about things, so I love to come up with ways to help them let their worries go.

This is a great guided meditation for kids. It’s especially good after a yoga class when they are feeling lovely and relaxed. It’s all about letting your worries drift away.

The Bye Bye Boat

You are lying in a boat. The sun feels warm on your body and the ocean waves gently rock you. You hear the birds above you and the odd splash of water as it meets the boat.

In the distance you hear a humming sound.

It’s another boat coming to see you. The driver is a kind old man.

He pulls up next to your boat and says he has brought the bye bye boat for you.

First he asks for your worries. You gather them all up and put them onto the bye bye boat.

Then he asks for your anger. You gather it all up and put it onto the bye bye boat.

Finally he asks for your fear – all that you are frightened of. You collect all your fear and put that on the bye bye boat too.

He smiles at us, and we smile back, feeling so good now we don’t have to carry all the worries, anger and fear any more.

He starts the engine, gives us a little wave and drives the bye bye boat away.