Aliens Love Underpants | Kids Yoga Class Plan

This class plan is part of the Children’s Book Bundle – five wonderful children’s books adapted into yoga story scripts.

This wonderful and silly kids yoga class plan will have the kids giggling and loving every minute. I sometimes call it “The Mystery of the Missing Underpants” for the children who have yet to discover the original. It is pretty short so good for the younger ones – around 3 years plus or as part of a longer session for older kids with other yoga games. It is based on the brilliant story Aliens Love Underpants by Claire Freedman & Ben Cort. Hope you have as much fun as I do doing this!!


Today we’re going to help solve a rather strange mystery. Underpants have been going missing from lots of people’s washing lines and we’re going to get to the bottom (!) of it (the more serious you can be… the funnier they will find this!).

Let’s fold forward and pull our own underpants up. Reach up to the sky and stretch and say ‘hello sun’. Oh dear! Our underpants have come down, so let’s fold forward again and pull them up again (repeat this as many times as you like… they never tire of it!) Squat down, sit on our bottoms with our legs outstretched. Let’s turn (seated twist) and get our binoculars so we can spot any clues and turn the other way (seated twist) and get some spare pants in case ours get stolen! We massage our ears so we can hear any strange noises and rub our jaws so we can call for back up. Now let’s make a butterfly with our legs and rock and roll on our backs so we’re ready for action. Sitting up tall the telephone rings and we hear a funny jibbery jabbery language (alien speak!) we don’t understand. We put the phone down. “Ring ring! Ring ring!” The other phone is ringing (pick up other foot to ear) the underpants thief has struck again and we’re being called to investigate… Let’s go!

We head off on our bicycles up the hill, down the hill, round the bend and over the bridge. We’ve arrived at a house which has a big garden and a washing line with colourful underpants pegged all the way along (look over shoulders – left to right).

Looking up to the sky, to our amazement we see a flying saucer coming into land (standing twists). When it lands the door opens. We hide behind a bush like a mouse. Lots of funny looking aliens come tumbling (rock n roll) out of the Saucer chanting “Oooooo Underpants!” They dance around singing a funny song “Pants Pants, love underpants. Aliens really love underpants” And with that they waddle over to the washing line grinning!

We tiptoe closer then hide behind a tree – making the same shape as the tree so we’re not seen. We tiptoe even closer and hide behind another tree. We look through our binoculars and to our utter astonishment we see the aliens are now all wearing a pair of the underpants!

One of them makes a slide from a pair of long johns while the others take turns to zoom down the legs. Now they’re taking turns to wriggle down inside the legs (tunnel of dogs). They put the pants on their feet and on their heads (head turns/nods/rounds). They fly pants from their spaceships this way and that (aeroplane other side) and have upside down pant races (donkey kicks). They even make a trampoline from a large pair of pants and boing up and down having lots of fun. Woohoo!

Everyone thinks it’s been Spencer the dog stealing the pants. But no! It’s the Aliens!!

Just then a lady comes into the garden to collect the washing. The aliens run away quickly (run on spot) close the flying saucer door and whizz back off to outer space (standing twists). Nobody will believe us if we say it was the aliens, but at least now the mystery is solved and we know the truth. Next time we’ll bring the camera and then we’ll have proof.

Time to bicycle home in time for tea. Tomorrow when we get up we’ll have to check to make sure no aliens are still lurking in our pants! We head off to bed, lie down and feel pleased to have solved the mystery of the missing underpants.

Let’s close our eyes and let our bodies feel all heavy and relaxed. Be as still as you can and feel your breath come in through your nose and out through your mouth. Now let’s think about floating. Our bodies feeling light and free. You may be floating on a cloud, on water in a boat or in space. Enjoy that light feeling of floating. Put your hands on your tummy and as you breathe in feel your tummy fill like a balloon and your hands go up. As you breathe out feel your tummy go down and your hands go down. Let’s do that again. Few more times. Now stretch arms above your head and point your feet down making your body into a long piece of spaghetti. And relax. And stretch and relax. Now curl your legs up and roll over onto your side. After the count of 10 come back to sitting with your legs crossed, feeling lovely and peaceful.