Big Yoga Posture Book – 115 postures explained

Jaime’s Guide to 115 Kids Yoga Postures

You get a Hi-res 125-page PDF packed with instruction and guidance on 115 kids yoga poses, including:

  • Full-colour high-quality images showing Jaime in every pose, from Aeroplane to Woodchopper,
  • Scripted instructions to help you take kids safely into every pose
  • Anatomical focus – the benefits and safety watch-outs for each pose.
  • Teaching tips for the 115 postures, so you can make your teaching fun, safe and inspiring.
  • Jaime’s ’12 top tips for teaching yoga postures to kids.’
  • You can print it out, and also view it on your smartphone, tablet and computer.

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NB this is included in our online training course ‘Getting Started In Kids Yoga’.




  • Nanci

    Hi- what size are the photographs of Jaime doing the poses? Can they be printed out on cardstock 5 X 7? Thanks in advance. Love Cosmic Kids Yoga. It’s become part of our homeschool day here in the USA

    • Martin

      Hi Nanci – yes that should work. The images may be marginally smaller in the pdf (it’s a compressed file to make it easily downloadable) but they will be good enough to work as images on 5×7. If you have any problems, please let me know. Hope your activity works well – if you can tell us what you did, so we can share it with other people, that would also be fab.