Frozen | Kids Yoga Class Plan

This class plan is part of the Movie Bundle – five different kids movies adapted into kids yoga scripts.

Grab this epic kids yoga class plan based on the Disney movie – Frozen. It is an awesome adventure which the kids will love. With it being a 2 hour long film, I have condensed it into a 40 minute – 1 hour long lesson for practicality. To make learning it easier, there is also included a pose summary list which simply lists the poses in sequence.

The children will have lots of suggestions and ideas along the way, so be ready for this to be a highly interactive class. It’s great fun to also play the songs at certain points too as the children love singing along.

In your 6 page printable kids yoga class plan download you will get the following:

Full story script with all yoga poses highlighted
Guided relaxation
Suggested follow-on activity
Pose summary list for quick reference and to help memorise the sequence

To see how the kids yoga class plan works and how the story flows  have a look at the video of the yoga story on the Cosmic Kids YouTube channel. This is also a good way to see what all the moves look like.

It really helps to have a Big Yoga Posture Book nearby as you read through the class plan to help you understand the poses and how best to instruct them.

If you want to learn to teach kids yoga professionally and gain a Cosmic Kids certification read about our online program here.

Get your pdf download by clicking the grab button on the left and following the instructions.

I hope you love it and the kids in your class love it too!

J xx

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