Goldilocks and the Three Bears | Kids Yoga Class Plan

This is part of the Fairytale Kids Yoga Bundle. A resource for kids yoga teachers – a PDF download of three popular fairytale stories converted into kids yoga class scripts that work brilliantly for kids aged 2, 3 and 4 years old.

Have fun with this classic tale adapted for kids yoga. I have used this kids yoga class plan with younger children (aged 5 years and under) with lots of success. I hope you find it useful and feel free to add comments beneath. If you need a reference for the postures you will find all 115 in our posture book, available to download here.

Once upon a time there was a girl called Goldilocks she was so called because of her beautiful golden curly hair. She loved to show it off (neck rolls). Looking over each shoulder side to side, nodding her head down and lifting it up, taking her ear to her shoulder, then the other way and all the way around in a big circle one way then the other.

One sunny day she woke early because the sun was shining through her curtains (stand, fold halfway and stretch forward to open curtains). She opened the window (ragdoll to reach up) and looked outside. The birds were singing! (tweety bird)

She asked her mummy if she could have a picnic breakfast in the garden. “Yes, but stay in the garden and don’t wonder off.” Goldilocks packed her picnic, putting in all sorts of yummy items. She opened the door to go outside. The sun was shining so she reached up and said Hello Sun (Hello Sun salute). She skipped around her lovely big garden as her little dog. barked excitedly. Just then she noticed a butterfly flutter by. “Oh please don’t go”! Goldilocks jumped on her bicycle and cycled as fast as she could up and down the hills to follow the butterfly, but the butterfly was gone and now she was lost in the woods.

First she saw a deer – standing on a hill looking out over the hills. Goldilocks heads over and the deer turns (other side) to look at her. “Sorry! I’m a bit lost too! Try asking Alice the Horse”

Alice the horse was trotting round the field. She trotted over to Goldilocks. “Namaste” Said Goldilocks – “I’m a bit lost can you help me?” Alice the horse (other side) did a big “neigh” and trotted off! Oh well!

Then Goldilocks saw a frog (squat). Mmm? Goldilocks remembered a story her Mummy had told her about a Frog who turned into a Prince when he was kissed by a Princess. Goldilocks has always secretly thought she was a Princess – But before she had a chance to try and kiss the frog, he hopped off!

Goldilocks saw a man chopping wood (woodchopper) “excuse me sir, I am lost and don’t know my way home” The man said “I’m sorry but I cannot help you but maybe if you go to the cottage through the tunnel of trees, there’ll be someone who can help”

Goldilocks went through the tunnel of trees (group posture – make two lines of trees – palms of the hands touching) and reached the cottage.

She knocked at the door but no answer “Hello, is anybody there?” She pushed the door with her hands (surfer – both hands forward) – but it wouldn’t open. She tried using her feet (half handstand), but it still wouldn’t open. Then she spotted a little hole that she thought she could fit through if she wiggled. On her tummy she wiggled like a snake inside. The first thing she noticed was the big table with 3 bowls of porridge on it. A Daddy bowl, mummy bowl and a baby bowl. She thought I’ll try Daddy’s porridge (stir porridge one way and taste), “ooh, much too hot!” then she tried mommy bear’s (stir porridge other way and taste), “oh much too cold!” then she tried baby bear’s porridge (stir porridge both arms) …..”mmm, just right!” and she ate and ate til the porridge was all gone (seated forward bend).

She then thought, I need a rest so she saw 3 chairs. Daddy’s chair was much too big (lobster) and Mommy’s chair was much to small (crouch balance ) but baby’s chair (chair pose) was just right so she sat and rested for a short while but oh dear the chair was not strong enough and broke into little pieces! (chair sit back to boat pose)

She thought she would have a little look around, taking big steps (lunges) upstairs. She found 3 beds. Daddy’s bed was much to hard (lifting one leg – like a pokey spring), mummy bear’s bed was much too soft (droop and bounce hips up and down) but baby bear’s bed was just right and Goldilocks fell fast asleep!

Meanwhile, the three bears came back from their walk in the woods (bear walking).
They spotted the bowls on the table.
Sitting up with legs wide, Daddy bear shouted “who’s been eating my porridge?”
Sitting in butterfly pose, Mommy bear said “who’s been eating my porridge?”
And like a little mouse, baby bear squealed “who’s been eating my porridge and has eaten it all up?”

They then walked into their sitting room:
Daddy bear said (lobster pose) “who’s been sitting in my chair?”
Mommy bear said (balancing crouch) “who’s been sitting in my chair?”
And baby bear cried (boat pose) “who’s been sitting in my chair and has broken it all into pieces?”

Sssshhh…..listen. (ear rubbing). Can you hear snoring? (mouse pose) The Bears tiptoed up the stairs.

Daddy bear says “who’s been lying in my bed?” (bridge pose with leg up)
Mommy bear says “who’s been lying in my bed?” (bridge pose – hips lifting up and down.)
And baby bear says “who is still sleeping in my bed?” (bridge pose)

And with that Goldilocks jumped like a monkey out of bed and ran all the way home.

Mummy was waiting on the doorstep for Goldilocks to come home (big hugs) and Goldilocks, having decided she wasn’t very hungry after eating all that porridge went straight up the stairs to bed.