Little Red Riding Hood | Kids Yoga Story Class Plan

This is the tale of Little Red Riding Hood using a huge array of brilliant yoga to bring it to life.

This is part of the Fairytale Kids Yoga Bundle. A resource for kids yoga teachers – a PDF download of three popular fairytale stories converted into kids yoga class scripts that work brilliantly for kids aged 2, 3 and 4 years old.

Now I have used the traditional version of the story which may seem a little gruesome – where the wolf eats Grandmama and Little Red Riding Hood, he gets chopped open by a woodchopper and finally filled with stones and left to die! Mmm! The kids were wide-eyed with fascination at this kids yoga story – they love it when a story has some darkness to it. But I made sure they understood it was just a story and not a bit true. Nobody got too upset, so I know it works. But feel free to adapt it to a more vanilla version if you prefer. Grab our Big Yoga Posture Book here if you need guidance on the yoga postures.

Once upon a time lying in her bed was a little girl called red riding hood. She got up out of bed and stretched. She went to the window and opened it up (hello earth to hello sun) taking a big breath of fresh air. She whizzed into her magical red cape, spinning side to side, then lifted the hood, rubbing her ears to make them warm in her hood.

Then she marched down the stairs. She sat on a chair at the kitchen table and on the table was a big delicious bowl of porridge. She stirs it one way then the other then ate it all up, patting her head and rubbing her tummy at the same time.

Then she heard the telephone ring… She answered it. It was Grandmama. She wasn’t feeling very well, so would Little Red Riding Hood be able to bring her some food. Yes Grandmama. Bye. She telephoned again (other side), would you be able to bring some grape juice and banana bread, oh and some tea and cake too! Yes Grandmama.

Putting the phone down, Little Red Riding Hood sat up tall with her legs crossed and reached up to get the picnic basket. She opened it up, then twisting one way, she got the grape juice, the other to get the banana bread, the other way again to get the tea and the final way to get the cake. She closed the picnic basket and gave her mother a great big hug goodbye. Her mother stood and bent forward telling Little Red Riding Hood that she should stay on the path and not talk to any strangers on the way.

Little Red Riding Hood nods her head… yes will stay on the path and shakes her head…no will not talk to strangers. She opens up the door and closes it behind her (door other side).

It’s a lovely sunny morning so Little Red Riding Hood says hello sun….and then she sets off down the path and into the woods.

In the woods Little Red Riding Hood sees all sorts of lovely animals.

She mets a rabbit who bunny hops over to say hello.

The tweety birds sing a little song from their nests.

And the butterflies flittered and fluttered around her – all the pretty colours on their wings. (Ask children to suggest their colours and open the butterfly wings to see each suggestion).

Then Little Red Riding Hood met a deer . The deer was looking over her shoulder…. And seemed a bit worried. Little Red Riding Hood went over to her and the deer turned (deer pose other side) the other way. She said to Little Red Riding Hood, “be careful, there are some scary animals in the woods today, so be on your guard…” and with that the deer leapt off like a dancer into the woods.

Little Red Riding Hood continued up the path.

The trees were getting bigger and the forest seemed darker. Little Red Riding Hood couldn’t wait to get to her Grandmamas cottage.

All of a sudden Little Red Riding Hood saw a big brown bear clumping towards her. She hides, making herself as small as a mouse as he clumps past her. Phew… that was a close one!

She carried on walking – taking big steps through the woods – still on the path.

Behind her, Little Red Riding Hood hadn’t seen who had been following her. A big bad wolf! He’d been very quiet, so she hadn’t heard him. But he lifts his nose to the air and could smell the yummy things in the picnic basket.

Little Red Riding Hood kept thinking she could hear something behind her, but every time she turned to look the wolf managed to become a wooden statue like the trees. He tiptoed, she turned, he freezes in tree pose! Tiptoes, she turns, he freezes. (This is a Yoga game with you – the teacher turning to see if you can spot the children moving).

The wolf had had enough of this and decided to put on his friendliest smile and trot over to Little Red Riding Hood to talk to her. At first she was a little worried, but he was so kind and friendly, she didn’t see the danger. The wolf asked where she was going and Little Red Riding Hood explained that she was taking some food to her Grandmama’s cottage. The wolf suggested as her Grandmama was unwell, perhaps Little Red Riding Hood could pick some flowers from the meadow for her! What a good idea Little Red Riding Hood thought and thanked the wolf – and off she went into the meadow to pick some beautiful flowers (folding forward to say hello earth and pick some flowers.

The wolf ran quickly ahead to find Grandmama’s cottage. He went inside and saw Grandmama asleep. Before she could wake up, the wolf ate her up whole! Then he found some of Grandmama’s clothes – putting on a nightie, a little bonnet and some spectacles and getting into the bed doing his best to look like Grandmama. He blew out all the candles to make it as dark as possible and waited.

Little Red Riding Hood opened the door and peeked inside. She could see that Grandmama was in the bed. She couldn’t see very well because it was dark. The wolf, pretending to be Grandmama said “Hello dear”

Grandmama, you don’t sound very well. What a deep voice you have.

The wolf replied “All the better to greet you with and say hello!”

Then looking a little closer Little Red Riding Hood said “Grandmama, what big eyes you have.”

The wolf replied “All the better to see you with” And the wolf did a big eye circle (keeping the head still, rotate the eyes one way then the other).

Then Little Red Riding Hood spotted her Grandmama’s hands or paws! “Grandmama what big hands you have (hold up hands and widen and stretch the fingers – wiggling them about).”

The wolf replied “all the better to hug you with”.

Little Red Riding Hood saw her Grandmama’s mouth (rubbing our jaws) and said “Grandmama what a big mouth you have.”

The wolf replied “all the better to EAT you with!!!”

And he gobbled up Little Red Riding Hood whole. After that the wolf was very sleepy and lying in the bed was so very comfy, so he fell asleep.

Coming over to the cottage to drop off a delivery of logs was the woodchopper. He’s been out chopping wood. He went into the cottage and saw the wolf in the bed with a big round belly and could see Little Red Riding Hood’s cloak sticking out of his mouth! The woodchopper – used his axe to chop the wolf open and out popped Little Red Riding Hood and Grandmama like two little monkey’s jumping completely unharmed!

They filled the wolf with stones, and Grandmama who was good at sewing used her needle and thread (humming with pleasure in seated forward bend) to sew him back together, full of stones! When the wolf woke up, he couldn’t run away because of all the stones, so he dragged himself out to the woods where he curled up to lick his wounds – never again will this wolf be able to gobble up little girls and their Grandmamas!
Little Red Riding Hood, Grandmama and the woodchopper all jumped in the woodchopper’s truck and drove home. They were all fine and once back at Little Red Riding Hood’s house safe with her mother, they all sat down, had some hot buttered toast and tea and felt happy to be home.


Let’s snuggle down for a rest now and feel safe and warm after what was a very interesting story. We definitely learned that it’s not a good idea to talk to strangers, and if we have to travel somewhere that we tell someone we know – like our Mum’s or Dad’s where we’re going, how we are getting there and when we’ll be arriving. Looking after ourselves and staying safe. This is an old story – it was first made into a book over 400 years ago! But it is just a story – it didn’t really happen and won’t happen in real life. But stories help us learn things about life. We feel all sorts of things in our yoga stories – sometimes we’re frightened, sometimes we’re happy and sometimes we’re brave. It’s good to feel all these things and know that we are safe. That we can learn to understand our feelings so when they pop up we know what’s happening and that it’s alright to feel all these things.