Kids Yoga Class Plans – Seasonal Celebrations Bundle

Keep your kids yoga classes relevant at big seasonal celebrations with these five festival-inspired kids yoga scripts.

Included in the bundle are the following five stories as yoga story scripts:

Halloween – ‘Trick or Treat’ (We go trick or treating with a real life witch!)


Thanksgiving ‘Bear Says Thanks’ (An adaptation of Karma Wilson’s lovely story about gratitude and sharing.)


Christmas – ‘To the North Pole!’ (We find Santa and help him in his workshop!)


Chinese New Year – ‘The Great Race‘ (a lovely fable explaining how the years became associated with different animals in the Chinese calendar)


Easter – ‘Peter Cottontail and the Tickly Monkeys‘ (We help the Easter Bunny find the missing Easter eggs)


“These are the annual events most celebrated by the kids in my classes. I have tested the plans with kids ranging from 3 to 9 years old and they’ve worked beautifully!”

Each plan is written as a yoga story script, giving you the narrative of the story with the yoga poses indicated by the words in a different font. There is also a handy pose list at the end of each story for you to keep nearby as you teach to remind yourself of the sequence.

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Please note: If you don’t know how to instruct kids yoga poses, you will need further resources. Detail on all poses are included in the Big Yoga Posture Book and also on our YouTube channel as a series of free videos. We recommend also our fabulous online teacher training!

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I hope you have lots of fun with your seasonal class plans and wish you all the best with your kids yoga!

Jaime xx