FREE Kids Yoga Crash Course

Curious about being a kids yoga teacher, but not sure you want to commit to full training?

We have created a FREE training course, to help prospective kids yoga teachers started and help them work out whether kids yoga teaching is something they want to do.

We’ve put it all in our free Kids Yoga Crash Course.

This is a great way to get an overall feel for teaching kids yoga. When you sign up for free, you get 60 minutes of highly engaging and insightful video tutorials about postures, story and energy – sent to you across one week.

Whether you already teach or you’re simply curious to know what teaching kids yoga is all about, check out the crash course to learn some of my top techniques for teaching yoga to kids.

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If you want to take a more thorough training, please check out our foundation course – Getting Started in Kids Yoga.

In this course you will:

• Get to know over 100 postures in kids yoga – how to instruct them, benefits and contraindications

• Be coached to deliver a great kids yoga adventure – ready to go for your first class

• Know how to ‘perform’ a kids yoga adventure so the kids will follow you

• Know how to structure a full class that works

• Get familiar with the important anatomical and developmental context for kids yoga

• Receive personal feedback from Jaime for your submitted class and a certificate recognised by insurers on successful completion of the training

At the moment we have over 500 amazing students enrolled on our 5* rated full length course. If you want to teach kids yoga, this course will give you the skills and insight you need to run awesome yoga classes for kids.