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23 January 2017

How Can Kids’ Yoga Benefit My Child?

Are you thinking about introducing your child to kids’ yoga, but unsure if it’s right for you? We’ve got together 8 of the brilliant benefits of kids’ yoga…

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30 December 2016

4 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Kids

The new year is a time when we all start to think about new starts and positive beginnings. Here we have four ideas for making these resolutions with children…

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2 December 2016

Kids Yoga for Calming Anxiety

Find out how yoga can help your kids with anxiety and stress, with some simple yoga videos to try at home or school.

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1 November 2016

Kids Yoga in Schools – Our 2016 Teacher Survey

The results are in! An amazing 99.7 percent of school teachers have seen positive changes when using Cosmic Kids in their classrooms! Read on to find out more amazing results seen by the many teachers using Cosmic Kids in schools…

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6 October 2016

Is Your Question Here?

Your questions answered on our teacher training and more…

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28 September 2016

How Cosmic Kids Yoga Meets Official Guidelines for Physical Activity

Cosmic Kids yoga adventures are designed to be a workout for kids, and here’s exactly how they deliver against recommended physical activity guidelines.

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22 September 2016

Making Yoga Fun for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Find out our top tips for teaching fun, engaging yoga to toddlers and preschoolers including class plans and more!

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15 August 2016

Jess’s Review of the Kids Yoga Crash Course

Jess wrote this review of our completely FREE kids yoga crash course. We thought we’d share it, so you can see what’s involved!

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4 July 2016

Cosmic Kids Yoga Book – Lulu the Lion Cub Learns to Roar!

Cosmic Kids Yoga Books! Read along and move with the story of Lulu the Lion Cub as she learns how to manage her feelings and find her roar. Copy pictures of Jaime doing the yoga moves at your own pace in this wonderful kids yoga book. Available now worldwide through Amazon.  

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4 July 2016

Cosmic Kids Yoga Book – Norris the Seahorse Takes on the Bullies

Cosmic Kids Yoga Books! Read along with the story of Norris the Baby Seahorse as he learns how to deal with bullies & enjoy the yoga moves at your own pace in this kids yoga book. Available now worldwide through Amazon.  

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9 March 2015

FREE Kids Yoga Crash Course

Curious about being a kids yoga teacher, but not sure you want to commit to full training? We have created a FREE training course, to help prospective kids yoga teachers started and help them work out whether kids yoga teaching is something they want to do. We’ve put it all in our free Kids Yoga Crash Course. This is a great way to get an overall […]

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15 January 2015

Welcome to the Yoga Disco!

If you want to get your kids moving for a couple of minutes – try Cosmic Kids Yoga Disco. Great for a brain break – or for just jumping around to, they are music tracks with yoga movement and breathing built in. A little over a year ago Jaime and I decided to try making some music for Cosmic […]

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24 October 2014

Yoga for Tweens

If you’re teacher looking for resources for this age group, we’ve made a compendium of class plans for 8-12s here.   Why is yoga important for Tweens? Being a tween (8-12) can be tough. Your body’s changing. You become more peer-focused, so what your friends think starts to matter to you. Friendships deepen. Communication gets a […]

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27 August 2014

Learning How to Teach Kids Yoga

These days it is easier than ever to learn how to teach kids yoga. Here is some information about the steps to becoming a teacher. First, I recommend that you do a training course with a reputable provider, and get a grasp of these key elements: the ‘how-to’ of kids yoga: how to perform a story so the kids follow […]

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29 July 2014

Yoga Games for Kids

Got some kids to entertain? We’ve got good news! We have made a Yoga Games Compendium – including 24 fun yoga games for kids. To give you an idea of the games, below are three examples from the compendium to get you started. If you want to grab all 24 games, hit the button! Grab the […]

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