We’re making yoga and mindfulness fun for kids

More than a million kids do yoga regularly with Cosmic Kids.

They develop their strength, balance and confidence doing ‘yoga adventures’ – stories Jaime tells in yoga poses – on our YouTube Channel.

Cosmic Kids make yoga and mindfulness fun – which means kids see the videos as a treat. But parents and teachers report significant improvements in self-regulation, focus and empathy.

Find out how our yoga adventures meet physical activity guidelines here.

Read our Teacher Survey results to learn more about the physical, emotional and learning benefits of Cosmic Kids.


Accessing Cosmic Kids

The easiest way to access Cosmic Kids is to subscribe to our YouTube channel! We put all our videos on there. It’s free and always will be.


We’ve also created a safer, commercial-free space: our Cosmic Kids App. This has all of our videos streaming as often as you like (without any commercials) and costs $65/£50 per year or $10/£7 a month. By signing up for this, you help us fund Cosmic Kids too.

You can sign up directly yourself here. There’s a 14 day free trial.

Schools. If you want a school license, please just email us at support@cosmickids.com, telling us how many teachers you want to have access and we’ll get you up and running. Please share the email addresses of the teachers with us, we’ll send you an invoice and we’ll set them up with profiles.