Back to school with Cosmic Kids

Going back to school – and especially going to a new school for the very first time – is a special challenge! New faces, routines and tasks ask for new confidence and resilience.

At Cosmic Kids we’ve got a wide variety of videos – all free on YouTube – to help yours go through this transition confidently and mindfully – and enjoy the experience:


Helping you to be yourself

Our yoga adventure Dodgson the Dodo is all about discovering that no one is quite like you – but that’s a brilliant thing. We’re all different! Hooray!

Stella the Stick Insect is about going to a party and being yourself – all about letting your light shine through and how people love it when you’re yourself.

Helping you feel safe

Try our Peace Out audio relaxations (also free on YouTube). Balloon is a good place to start – about visualising and going to the place in your mind where you feel safest and strongest.

Helping you feel comfortable having adventures on your own

Our yoga adventure, Squish the Fish is all about being brave and having your own adventures. Jaime wrote it specifically for a school whose students were finding it really hard saying goodbye to parents in the morning. In this yoga adventure, whenever we’re left alone, we decide to be brave – and learn that we can actually have our own adventures!

Learning to trust your judgement

Another yoga adventure. Nelson the Pigeon leaves home and moves to Trafalgar Square in London. The other pigeons are a bad influence – they want him to eat the unhealthy burgers left in the bins – and he soon learns to trust his own judgement.

Getting comfortable performing in front of others

There’s a bit of standing up and performing to be done at school. So we have a few videos which help. One of our Zen Dens – our mindfulness series – is called How To Beat Nerves and features a calming breathing exercise (tracing your finger round your hand). It’s great to have techniques you can use in the moment when things get a bit overwhelming.

Enzo the Bee is about being brave and doing things you haven’t done before Enzo enters a honey competition, overcomes his nerves and impresses Queen Bee Zena.

Mimi the Mermaid is a yoga adventure about facing your fears. Mimi ends up meeting Goodie Gumdrops the witch – who has a reputation for being really scary – and learns to breathe when she’s nervous. And – guess what – Goodie Gumdrops is actually really kind!


We’ve made a special playlist of these videos so they’re easy to access. Wishing you loads of fun and success in the new term!

There are many more videos. Please get in touch if you need help finding a video to help your kids in any situations they may be facing.

With love, the Cosmic Kids team.