Cosmic Kids does Wizard of Oz!

It’s finished! It’s been two years since we filmed Jaime doing her take on Wizard of Oz, so thank you for your patience. We think it was worth the wait.

As ever, the new episode is available to our Patrons first (thank you for your continuing support, everyone!) and also on the APP!

Mini, one of our beloved dogs makes a heartwarming appearance – right at the end. They say never work with kids or animals – well Mini is the exception. She was incredibly well behaved and actually her ‘performance’ is a highlight.

Toto! #technicolor

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In this episode, Konrad made the storm/twister scene super-realistic – and there are many other SFX moments which are amazing!

We take the making of every episode really seriously and want to stretch ourselves every time. The goal is to make kids content which is every bit as well made as anything for grown-ups.

Meanwhile Jaime’s story telling and performance and yoga are worth watching in their own tight – we have a feeling this is going to be one of those episodes that kids will want to watch as well as do.

We hope your kids love it!

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