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If you have questions about our training – Getting Started in Kids Yoga – especially about accreditation, and getting started teaching – read this FAQ. We update it regularly.

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Can I teach kids yoga straight after doing the full online course?

Yes. You can teach straight from completing Getting Started in Kids Yoga. Most students do. To teach kids yoga, you need good training (so you can teach confidently and safely) plus professional liability insurance. Our course is recognised by a good number of insurance companies so you can get cover when you complete the course successfully.

Do I need to practice yoga myself?

Yes – we recommend that everyone taking our course has experience of practicing yoga themselves. To be able to demonstrate yoga safely to kids, it’s essential that you have your own understanding of postures, breathing and alignment. Having your own practice also means you will have felt the benefits of yoga yourself, so you can share them with kids more naturally. If you haven’t tried yoga – we recommend that you have a go. It’s amazing how good it makes you feel physically and emotionally.

How long does the course take?

All students get lifetime access to the training, so you can spend as long as you want to doing this program, but here’s a guide of how long you can expect it to take you…

On average, most people spend something like 20 to 25 hours on the training in total, spread across 2-4 months so the learning really sinks in.
There is a total of 6 hours of material to study – spread across 180 lectures in the course. This is made up of 4 hours video plus the time it takes to read the wide range of worksheets and do the quizzes.
Beyond these, you also receive links to useful reading and a script and coaching for a kids yoga adventure (Squish the Fish!). This is for you to practise so that you can start to get a feel for the teaching itself. It’s worth spending a few hours practising and learning this so you feel confident doing it. For full certification you are invited to send in a video of you doing the yoga adventure, for personal feedback from Jaime.
As a guide, some students have completed the training in as little as 3 weeks. Others have spread the learning out and spent 6 months doing it. Others get started and then have to put it to one side while they focus on other things – before coming back to it later. You get lifetime access so you can do it in your own time.
It is of course up to you how you fit it into your life and around your commitments. We recommend you take your time – a few weeks at least – to absorb the learning and also allow time to practice.
If you are a registered adult yoga teacher, these hours count as Continuing Education Hours.

Do I have to start the online training right away when I sign up?

No. You get lifetime access to our online training. You can start when you like, do it whenever you find the time, and take your time doing it so you have a great learning experience. You can also save your progress and come back whenever you like.

Unlike live courses, you can learn at your own pace and repeat lectures and practices as often as you’d like!

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What if I’m not sure I want to do a full course?

We offer a free kids yoga crash course – which will give you a really good sense of what kids yoga’s about if you’re unsure.

Does the training qualify me for Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher (RCYT) with Yoga Alliance?

The course doesn’t fall into the credentialing for Yoga Alliance’s RCYT. To qualify as RCYT you need to do a 95 hour face-to-face course followed by 30 hours of observed teaching practice – after you’ve completed your 200hr Registered (Adult) Yoga Teacher and registered some teaching experience. Our training is online so it doesn’t qualify – though it is based on the curriculum of the RCYT training. It also earns you Continuing Education hours with the YA (if you are already a RYT-200) and qualifies you for professional liability insurance, which is what you need to teach in schools, preschools and private venues. We have designed this training to be an accessible but serious qualification for professional kids yoga teachers.

Are Cosmic Kids class plans included in the price?

The Big Yoga Posture Book and the Squish the Fish Class Plan are included as part of the training – and every student gets a 20% discount on all our other class plans.

Do I need an adult yoga qualification to teach kids yoga?

No. You don’t need to have an adult yoga qualification. There are many people in the world who are wonderful kids yoga teachers who don’t have an adult yoga qualification. To teach professionally, you need good training, and professional liability insurance. Some yoga accreditation companies grant their Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher accreditation only to people who already have an adult yoga teacher qualification (RYT200), but we do not expect this.

What age group does the training equip me to teach?

Getting Started in Kids Yoga equips you to deliver safe and inspiring story-based kids yoga ie kids yoga in the style Jaime does it on our Cosmic Kids Yoga YouTube channel. This approach suits kids aged 3-8 best. However, kids outside this age group respond well to story, and the training included will give you a thorough understanding of how to teach a wider range of kids safely. We also recommend our training to people who want to teach tweens (8-12s) as it offers the fundamentals of leading a safe and inspiring class using story, includes 115 postures which all kids yoga use and how to teach them, but also lectures on anatomy and development for kids aged 2-12. If you are interested in teaching tweens, please see our post on Yoga for Tweens.

What coursework am I required to do in the training?

For full certification, you must shoot a video of yourself leading a kids a yoga story. This is the final step in the training. We offer the script for this, and Jaime coaches you how to do it well. It’s up to you if you film this with kids in the room or on your own. You can use any camera (even your phone) to do the filming, just so long as Jaime can hear you and see what you’re doing! You can even do it in a language other than English if you prefer.

Beyond that, there are various quizzes built in to the course, and some recommended practice to do but we do not expect you to send anything else in for marking.

What’s all this about professional liability insurance?

To teach kids yoga, you need good training and (in some countries) professional liability insurance.

The certificate you get on successful completion of our full training (‘Getting Started in Kids Yoga’) will enable you to get your professional liability insurance. To get the certificate, we ask you to upload a video of you performing a kids yoga adventure (we provide the script for this). Jaime will give you feedback based on your performance in the video, and if you reach the standard we expect to be able to teach safe and inspiring yoga), you will receive a Cosmic Kids Yoga Online Training certificate with your photo and name on it.

Most countries have insurance requirements to teach professionally. This is usually called ‘professional liability insurance’. Completion of our course is enough to get this from a wide range of insurance companies.

Will I need a background check to work with kids?

In some countries you need a background check so you can work with kids. Schools and most venues in the UK and many other developed countries ask that you have one. Check online for your home country’s requirements for working with kids.

What is ‘official’ accreditation, like Yoga Alliance?

There are a number of accreditation bodies in the world of yoga. Most do excellent work, aiming to keep standards high in the world of yoga teaching. We base our course guidelines on their best advice, but they are trade organisations, not legal bodies. They set levels they want people to attain and charge people for membership and accreditation. In our experience, teachers and parents don’t expect you to have this kind of accreditation to teach kids yoga. They want to know that you’ve been well trained, and that you have professional liability insurance and (in some markets) a background check to work with kids (DBS in the UK).

Do I need accreditation from Yoga Alliance to teach kids yoga?

No. You do not need accreditation from Yoga Alliance to teach kids yoga professionally. You need good training so you can to teach safely, professional liability insurance and in some markets a background check so children, school and venue are protected.

Does the training count toward Continuing Education (CE) hours with Yoga Alliance?

Yes – registered yoga teachers with Yoga Alliance can add the hours spent on this training as non-contact CE hours to their profile. The training is a total of 5 hours of video material spread across 175 lectures.  You can register those hours PLUS any you spend studying, practicing and conducting your final assessment video as CE hours. As you learn, keep a record of the hours you spend studying and practicing – all these hours count as non-contact Continuing Education hours.

Is Cosmic Kids training accredited by the Yoga Alliance?

Jaime is qualified with Yoga Alliance as both a Registered Kids Yoga Teacher (RCYT) and also as a experienced registered adult yoga teacher (E-RYT200), but we have not sought Yoga Alliance accreditation for our school.

Yoga Alliance’s RCYT (Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher) qualification requires 90-hours of face-to-face training and a further 30 hours of teaching practice, and for all students to be adult yoga teachers (RYT-200) already.

Our goal is to make teaching kids yoga available to all yoga practitioners so our training is online, so you can learn from home and at your own pace, and it is open to people without formal adult yoga teacher training. As it happens, more than a quarter of our students are qualified adult yoga teachers (RYT200, RYT500 & E-RYT500) – Jaime’s experience as an adult yoga teacher is evident in the training – but we have designed the course to be perfect for a yoga enthusiast who wants to pass on the joy of yoga to kids and has chosen our training as their main certification for teaching kids yoga professionally.

Is Cosmic Kids a franchise?

No. We want you to be free. With a franchise you’d be legally bound into a contract with set responsibilities and you’d have to pay an ongoing franchise or licence fee to use all branding, and call yourself ‘Cosmic Kids’.

We have decided we didn’t want to develop a franchise business as it can be so restrictive for franchisees – and because we hope that students of our course will go on to develop kids yoga around the world in way which works for them.

As a graduate of our training you will be welcome to say you have trained with Cosmic Kids and to use Cosmic Kids class plans and resources to teach classes, but you must develop your own business name and branding. Ultimately, this will mean so much more to you and your students.

We hope that by offering training and resources and the freedom to create your own classes and brand we will help more teachers to spread kids yoga around the world in a sustainable way.

Can I access the training from anywhere in the world?

Yes. The training is online. You create a login and password, and then you can login from any computer. You can now watch videos and access course documents directly from your iPhone, iPad or Android device via the app on IOS or android with Google Play.

How do I pay for the course?

With a credit/debit card or Paypal. If you are outside the US, the dollar price will be changed into your local currency automatically by your bank, using their standard exchange rate.

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If you have any more questions, please do get in touch with us. You can contact us through our Facebook page (send us a direct message) or by email at [email protected]