Insurance for kids yoga teachers

Insurance for Teaching Kids Yoga

To teach kids yoga professionally in certain countries* you need Professional Liability Insurance. Most schools require you to have your own independent cover, as do gyms and yoga studios. They will need a copy of your insurance certificate for their records. Occasionally it won’t be necessary as you may be covered as a ‘staff member’ by the venue or school you are working in.

On successful completion of Getting Started in Kids Yoga – the Online Cosmic Kids Teacher Training you will qualify for the Insurance cover you need to teach professionally. If you are looking to find insurance for teaching kids yoga, here is a list of insurance companies (by Country) who have given cover to graduates of our online program:

DSC-Strand Yogalink 
This insurance company have officially underwritten our course and will be able to offer cover to all UK graduates.
BGi UK Insurance and Risk Management

Philadelphia Insurance Co (Yoga Journal’s policy)
Sports Insurance Solutions

Insurance House
Marsh Advantage

*In some Countries insurance is not a requirement to teach kids yoga professionally.