Is Your Question Here?

Where can I find out more about the kids yoga teacher training – about accreditation, certification, insurance?

We have a special detailed FAQ for our teacher training program right here!

Learn more about our kids yoga teacher training

Where are my class plan PDFs? I haven’t received them!

First of all – sorry! We will make sure you get your class plans asap. The first thing to do is look in your spam inbox.

When you buy a class plan, an email is immediately sent to the address you input when you purchased.

  1. Your email server thinks email we sent is spam and puts it in your spam/junk inbox. So the first thing to do is please check your spam inbox! 90% of the time, it’s in there.
  2. There was a typo in your email address so the email with the download link in it has gone to yourname@gmail.con or similar! If your class plans aren’t in your spam/junk, please send us a message us at from the email you used when you made the purchase. We will receive a notification, check your email address was correct and we’ll resend the email or refund you and ask you to buy again.

How do I unsubscribe from your ad-free video platform?

Sorry to see you go! Please follow this link – it will take you into your billing area to unsubscribe. 

If there’s anything else please send us a message at