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Hello! I’m Jaime Amor.

I grew up in Reading, England and studied acting at Bristol Old Vic. After I graduated (in between grown-up acting work) I entertained kids at birthday parties. I learned early on that movement was a great way to keep the kids focused on what we were doing together. I’d been doing yoga myself for a few years, and I started to incorporate yoga poses into the stories I was telling the kids. This led me to story-based kids yoga and in 2010 I started teaching it in schools and halls in our local area (Henley on Thames and Marlow in England).

In March 2012, Martin, my husband, suggested we should film some of the yoga stories I was doing in my classes and post them to YouTube, so that the kids could do them whenever they liked. Eventually we plucked up the courage to post some videos and since then we’ve had more than 50 million views on our videos. Since then, we have been having new ideas all the time about how to do this with more energy, fun and impact.

We are a small enthusiastic team. Martin and I spend most of our time working on bringing yoga and mindfulness to kids , and we share what I’m learning about kids’ yoga –  including teacher trainingclass plans, and other ideas for parents and teachers to help their kids enjoy yoga.

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I am a qualified adult yoga teacher (E-RYT 200) and a Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher (RCYT) accredited by Yoga Alliance. After teaching kids yoga teacher training courses in person in the US and UK, we decided to develop our online teaching for the people who want to do our live course but can’t join us because of cost, time or distance. Now I am proud to say more than 2000 people have done our foundation course, Getting Started in Kids Yoga – and more than 10000 have done our Kids Yoga Crash Course.  I emphasise fun and storytelling in kids yoga, and love to explore new ways of making classes as engaging as possible for kids. I also believe kids yoga has an important role in the emotional as well as physical development of kids, and enjoy passing on my experiences of running a yoga business which fits around my life. Martin and I have created our online courses so we can make teaching kids yoga as accessible as possible. We also hope to enable as many people as possible to create sustainable kids yoga businesses in their communities.

When I’m not working on Cosmic Kids, I like going the gym, walking our dogs and doing the garden. I also help out the community group in our village.

I love to hear from people who like our videos and are interested in yoga for kids. Please get in touch via Facebook!

  1. Irina

    Hello Jaime,
    My daughter Lina loves loves your teaching videos, you are very inspiring and motivating. Thank you So Much for your enthusiasm and passion.
    Lina is asking is there any chance you could make a video with the princess theme?

    Thank you very much again for your wonderful ideas!!!!

    Best wishes to your passion, to you and to your team,

    1. Jaime Post author

      Hi Irina! Thank you so much for saying hi and for your kind words. It’s lovely to hear from people who are enjoying what we are doing. We feel so lucky to be able to make Cosmic Kids happen. Please do say hi to Lina from me. As for Princesses…well, this month (December) I am Princess Leia in our kids yoga version of Star Wars… 🙂 Jaime x

  2. Michelle

    Hello Jaime! My daughter Kylee LOVES your videos! My sister showed them to us just yesterday and Kylee proceeded to do 4 videos consecutively! Now today, they are her reward for getting her school work done. You are amazing and thank you so much for putting these videos out!

  3. Siobhán Elizabeth Connelly

    I’ve practiced for 15 years and have a 5 year old daughter who’s grown up around my practice her entire life. We love Cosmic Kids.

    Jaime, I appreciate your enthusiasm and adore how you weave stories and asana together. I also admire your ability to make asana practice so accessible. Thank you so much for creating a platform for her to enjoy her own special practice through.

    Be oh so well all your days,


  4. Jeannine Gilliland

    Dear Jamie
    We love your song – the disco Washing Machine Song.
    My students need to move their bodies frequently and you help!!

    Ms. Gilliland and Room 701
    Falls-Lenox Primary School
    Olmsted Falls, Ohio USA

  5. Mr. & Mrs. McNutt

    It’s such a pleasure to find Cosmic Kids. Jaime is a wonderful story teller while having the kids do interactive yoga poses. My girls love making Cosmic Yoga a daily routine. Thank you to Jaime and her team.

  6. Renée

    Hi! My 5 yr old was recommended yoga by her occupational therapist. I found you on YouTube and she loves it!! Thank you so much for making her therapy time more of a fun time! She was absorbed and watched three videos the first time. Now she watches you every day!! Thank you!

  7. Breigh Willeford

    I love this! my daughter always chooses cosmic yoga for her activity in school when they have indoor recces! today both of my kids spent hours in the living room watching your videos and doing yoga! THANK YOU FOR ALLOWING FREE ACCESS TO THESE VIDEOS!! its a great thing you do!


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