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 A series of fun videos with my secrets 
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  • How to breathe life into the postures. 
  • How to demo poses safely. 
  • How to instruct so kids will follow.
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mesmerising kids yoga
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Here's what I cover:

"This is such a valuable tool and the fact that it is free for instructors is incredible. I have many years of experience in teaching dance, and after teaching fitness over the past 10 years, I am so excited to bring my love of teaching, fitness, and yoga together in my new kids yoga business."

"This was the best crash course I have ever taken in my professional career. Jaime, you are full of positive energy and you transfer that energy to your audience!"


Dance teacher


School teacher

The Universe of Postures

How to tell stories that inspire!

  • Learn to use the power of story
  • Tell a story so the kids want to know how it ends.
  • Download our free 'storyometer'!

How to use your energy to mesmerise!

  • How to use your energy to bring kids with you
  • How to use your voice to keep the kids focused
  • How to start learning to be a professional teacher
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