Learning How to Teach Kids Yoga

These days it is easier than ever to learn how to teach kids yoga. Here is some information about the steps to becoming a teacher.

First, I recommend that you do a training course with a reputable provider, and get a grasp of these key elements:

  • the ‘how-to’ of kids yoga: how to perform a story so the kids follow you

  • knowledge about kids’ development and anatomy that will help you teach a safe class

  • kids yoga postures – including anatomical and teaching tips

Once you’ve done some training, the most important part of your learning will be your practice. It takes some time to become a really confident teacher, but you will get there in the end. Even if your classes are only to one or two children to begin with, you will start to get a feel for how the interaction in a class feels. You will learn how to keep the kids’ attention, how to respond to their energy and how to keep things moving.

As you accumulate experience, you will become more comfortable as a teacher, and you can really enjoy offering the wonderful benefits of kids yoga to them.

These days it is possible to start your training online – which means you can learn from home at your own pace. We now offer an online course which is very popular. It is called Getting Started in Kids Yoga and is designed to:

  • get you started teaching safe and inspiring kids yoga

  • help you grasp the kids yoga teacher’s role, so you develop your own teaching style confidently

  • equip you with the content you need to teach a safe and inspiring class

The course builds towards your first kids yoga class. I equip you with the script of a great kids yoga story (Squish the Fish!) and coach you to lead it. This means you are ready to lead a kids yoga adventure as soon as you finish the course.

By the end of the course, you will know how to take kids aged 3-8 with you on a safe and inspiring yoga adventure – and you will have your first adventure ready-to-go!

There are certain areas of learning which are best done face to face. These days there are many face to face courses available. Please have a look here to learn about the workshops we have planned. There are of course many other excellent businesses who offer courses too. I recommend you do the research on this – and find a course you believe is right for you.

If you have any questions about learning, please get in touch!

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