Grab 24 fun yoga games for kids. FREE!

Grab our 15 page PDF download of fun yoga games for your kids or classroom. Print it out or view on your phone, tablet or computer. Recommended age for most games is 4+.

The games

Perfect for classrooms, holiday clubs, summer programs, birthday parties and your regular kids yoga classes.

The games included are:

  1. Airball
  2. Football-oon
  3. Animal Dip
  4. Candle Gazer
  5. Yoga Whispers
  6. Yoga Statues
  7. Namaste/Om Bumps
  8. Colouring, Drawing & Mandalas
  9. Yogi Says
  10. Toe-ga
  11. Grandmother's Yogasteps
  12. Pass the Chimes
  13. Yog-aboard
  14. Human Knot
  15. Hula-Hoop Wiggle
  16. Keeper of the Keys
  17. Mirror Sticks
  18. Pamper Train
  19. Yoga My Name
  20. Sandwich Race
  21. Newspaper Balance
  22. King of the Jungle
  23. Pass the Pulse
  24. Tower of Terror!

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We’re on mission to get kids on a yoga mat. Because we know that moving their bodies and focusing their minds does good things for them. And it can give them the tools they need to be healthy and happy grown-ups, too.

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